This page contains information about the album cloud. To view your album cloud, append your username to the URL of this page. If you don't have an account, you can always view my cloud. Below you'll find commands to customize your album cloud.<service>/<username>?parameter=value
service The service to pull the data from. Currently, the only accepted value is lastfm.
similar 1 Set to 0 to turn off the similar users side panel (this is recommended if you are embedding the page in an iframe).
target The target for the album links to open in.
w 800 The width of the album cloud (note: this doesn't include the similar users on the right).
h 600 The height of the album cloud.
x 5 The number of album columns.
y 4 The number of album rows.
ads 1 Side to 0 to hide the ads.

Created by Andrew Hitchcock